Taiwanese Don’t Be Silly, Here’s My Thought After US Election




2020 US President Election



As this result of US President Election polls counting still in process, I got some points from my mind share to you:

1. Joe Biden doesn’t steal this election, he gets his should be.

While COVID-19 Virus spread seriously around the world several months ago, Donald Trump, as a leader of the US, didn’t hold golden positions at first that made the virus spread throughout America cause over 9 millions reported & 200k people died.

What an unexpected situation but Trump didn’t pay much attention to it, many people were scared under this terrible disaster so he must pay for it! As this election result, American gave Trump untrusted votes, sure thing for him. People voted Biden as a new chance for next, let’s keep check everything after this election.

Somebody asked me why we should vote for Biden, I said: If there’s no these situations, what reason for Biden taking the lead on PA & GA these states during polls counting?

Scamming 100k votes for him? It doesn’t make sense! Don’t you believe FBI will find out that?

2.Feeding “Fight China Think” is doesn’t work for US.

Share something great info/news as your mind is more often in modern society nowadays. But if MASSIVE news, posts, and any other stuff which enhanced “Fight China” shared on all these popular social media shows on your feed board during Election Day, simply as unconfirmed news filling your day, what do you think about that?

Someone, maybe some people, who has a particular party background shared something like that, and they feel that most American believe Trump will defeat China, especially CCP so vote him, however, they are wrong, they didn’t expect that fake news doesn’t work for those American like high-educated & teenagers.

This’s A Election for US.

American they are simple, they just WANT a chance for changing their living quality, so they go out to vote for someone, not for “THINK” which defeats CCP, it’s not really important for local residents in the US.

Those people, who hided behind monitor, they never understand what real mind or demand of US resident, so they lose. Simply, “Fight CCP” didn’t work for the US, so this is why Trump lost most of the cities & downtowns and switched to Biden as well. Moreover, sure thing Biden won this election and fit the predicted report of major stream media.

3.It’s really NOT important for Taiwan, Seriously!

I’ve found that massive news, no matter which published form any other media in particular party, most of the news is incorrectly still feeding to Taiwanese, causing higher HATER to enhance people to defeat China. That’s WORST for Taiwan, especially for the future of Taiwan.

They Hope Trump Can Do Something for Taiwan

Many local Taiwanese residents believe Donald Trump can protect Taiwan as long as he is the next president after this election, but they lost. As a situation in the US, Trump couldn’t hold many things great, shortly he couldn’t hold Taiwan priority, this’s an US President Election, not a decision for future Taiwan, no obligation to protect Taiwan for the US government.

Seems like Taiwan will be fought by CCP after the election, but do you think it will happen for now? What reason and what is necessary for a war fight for Taiwan Independent?

Two China Governments existed is True

If still two governments exist in one China and are acknowledged by most countries, even the UN, there’s nothing change for Taiwan & China, doesn’t matter how many times of US Election. In my eyes, I just want to say, don’t be too silly for Taiwanese.

As residents in Taiwan this island, I encourage most people who can go out for more brand new info they never see before, find out more they never read, & see, as long as they move out. Taiwan is just an island, lacking resources, we are not as powerful as these big countries like China or the US.

Taiwanese Sight Must Be More

We have to go out, we have quit those Taiwanese stream medias which might spread something like “Fight China”, really, don’t be silly and don’t just lock on this island. We might have a great future for ourselves, like those US residents, we need to read more, receive more about foreign original news, replace those “FAKE STUFF” and bring us to new life for Taiwan.

As I saw the result of the US President Election, I just want to say, quit those fake news, out of those Taiwanese stream media, and go out for REAL NEWS for us, also for your families.

We Have To Go Out!

I found that so many people from China are living all around the world, you can see them while belonging to the countries, so they could go out & make change for themself, why not Taiwanese? So quit those FAKE and go out for your future. This’s just part of my thought.

Finally, CONGRATULATION for Joe Biden being next 2020 US President, cheers!