[Chinese Food Guide] How to Stir Fry Rice?

Fried Rice is a basic & typical dish in Chinese Food, only you must cook rice at first, and prepare some fresh vegetables, meat or others.

First, prepare cooked rice. You must use a Rice Cooker to get it.

My Food Ingredient List for Fry Rice

stir fry rice

Then, here are the garnish that can add in fried rice:

  • eggs
  • meat, pork section
  • garlic
  • green scallion
  • more… of course there’s no limit, just follow your feelings, add you like!

These are my favorite garnish of food & usually cooking. Try more styles if you are interested in fried rice.

Ok so stir-frying garnish of food at first, rice second.

When the garnish of food gets a little cooked, then add in rice.

Low fire oven stir-fried, that’s it!

It’s Simple & Easy!

Fried rice looks common but you can make lots of changes.

stir fry rice

Have you ever tried cooking fried rice?

If not, you can cook this dish in a few minutes, it’s quickly & easy!

See you next time & enjoy the fried rice!